About Me

let's get to know each other

Hello! I'm Samantha Hackenberg and I'm located in State College, PA. I'm a fourth year photography student at Penn State University as well. I've been exploring photography since middle school and my love for it continues to grow every day. In addition to photography, I'm also a competitive gymnast for PSU Club Gymnastics, and I coach gymnastics at Phoenix Academy of Performing Arts of Pennsylvania!

What I Offer

My Philosophy

I believe that photography can be a turning point for how an individual views themselves. Everyone has beautiful qualities inside and out, and as a photographer it is my purpose for each individual I photograph to see their beautiful qualities when they leave my sessions. When I take photos of people, I focus on the aesthetic that they want, what is going to highlight their beauty, and how to best bring out their unique personality. I know I have done my job and made a positive impact when my clients leave feeling their absolute best and cherishing their photos for the rest of their lives. I want to capture feelings and provide memories that will last. Right now, the world is full of negativity and social media is fueled by bringing people down. My passion is to have a positive impact on someone’s view of themselves one person at a time.