Every senior's session should be unique to them and capture their personality. I love being able to provide that for seniors and make them feel as amazing as they look. Senior sessions have a minimum price of $120 that includes 1 location and up to 3 outfits. There are multiple add-ons though such as adding more locations, outfits, etc. that can be found at the bottom of the page.

Senior Portfolio


Portraits are a great way to create memorable photos of you or a loved one. My portrait sessions have included toddlers, couples, families, and photos just for fun! The baseline for these sessions is $80 which includes 1 outfit and 1 location, but add-ons are options for all of my sessions.

Portrait Portfolio


Graduating any level of school is an enormous achievement that should be cherished. This is always an exciting time in our lives, and I love being able to capture those emotions in graduation photos. For these sessions, the baseline is $100. The session includes 1 outfit (your cap and gown and the outfit being worn underneath) and 3 campus locations for college, but 2 close-proximity locations for other school levels. If you want to personalize these photos even more, take a look at the add-ons!

Graduation Portfolio


  • $15 per extra location
  • $15 per extra person
  • $10 per extra outfit
  • $10 per animal