Look Back on Your Memories

Camera quality on phones is improving with every new phone that comes out. Phone cameras have been acquiring better detail, different types of lenses, and various types of modes such as portrait mode. With improvements such as these becoming more easily accessible each day, people are finding less reasons to hire a photographer and more reasons to just have a friend take photos on their phone instead. Even so, photographers are still vital for great quality photos.

Hiring a photographer brings a level of quality that a friend with a phone can't provide. Cameras have extensive settings that phones just don't have. They also have a wide range of lenses that give just the right look for the photos you want. Even if you gave a photographer a phone instead of a camera, the photos would still be better than if a friend took them. We have that insight for great poses for any occasion or setting. This gives photos a better quality because the subject looks their best. Even after the photos are taken, there is more work to be done that a photographer can give; editing. Every photographer has their own personal editing style, but regardless, every photographer edits each and every photo to remove any flaws, and make sure they look the best they can. Even if the photo quality doesn't convince you, the experience itself is completely worth it. Relationships and trust are able to develop by being provided with a personal, trusting, and fun-filled environment that a professional can give their clients. Regardless on whether or not you're comfortable in front of a stranger with a camera, allowing a bond between you and your photographer makes being in front of a camera easy and inviting.

So yes, you can just take pictures on your phone, but will they compare to the pictures and experience you get from a photographer instead? Not even close. Everyone has important memories they want to be able to look back on for the rest of their life. Why not make those memories even better with great quality photos? I promise it is completely worth it.